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Games, sports, folkdances and recreational means are developed parallel with the development of human culture. The ancient civilizations like China, India, Egypt, Greece, Rome and many others have history of their own about traditional physical culture and sports. These traditions of past have survived through centuries rejuvenated and rolled down to present period. They are further refined and improved and now popularly practiced in modern form in the countries of their origin. They are the sports of the masses. There may not be cut-throat competitions and international platform, as are existing in the case of the modern competitive Olympic sports; but the traditional sports and folk dances have their own values, ethics, aesthetics and mass appeal. With a view to take search of such original hidden items of traditional physical culture of different countries of the world and to provide international platform and exposure to them, the Global Conference of Traditional Physical Culture is proposed. India is privileged one among such countries which has rich traditions of physical culture, folk dances and system of exercise including yoga having health related values applicable to people of all walks of life irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion, sex or age. The system is inexpensive and does not need any elaborate preparation in respect of ground, equipment and manpower. It is suitable in all weather conditions. The proposal to organize the Global Conference was mooted first by the premier institute of physical education of India i.e, SHREE HANUMAN VYAYAM PRASARAK MANDAL,AMAVATI which is working in the field of traditional physical culture for the last nine decades . The institution is duly registered under Public Trust Act and Society' Registration Act of the Government. It has its own statute stating rules and regulations of its governance. On the eve of its centenary the institute desires to organize the event The proposal was submitted and processed through the procedure of the National Association of Physical Education and Sports (NAPESINDIA)or its approval. It was decided to organize the event under the auspices of this national body which is member organization of ICSSPE. It was also decided in the meeting of the national body to seek international cooperation and guidance of ICSSPE and other sister organizations in publicizing and funding of the event.


The event will be organized at the campus of the institute in the city of AMRAVATI, State MAHARASHTRA. Necessary infrastructure facilities are available with the institute and a few more are underway. Amravati is a district place and about 150 km west of NAGPUR , which is second capital of the State duly connected by air from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

Target Group:

The event is open to the independent research scholars, institutes, universities and organizations working in the field of traditional physical culture, the traditional sports training schools displaying their sports, groups of traditional martial arts and folk dances of different countries.


NAPES-INDIA, TAFISA, ICSSPE and AGITA MUNDO NETWORK are approached to be our partners in this mega event.

Budget available:

It is obvious that the mega event like the proposed one requires heavy budget, which is of course, difficult for the single institute to spare. However, the institute has raised a ‘CENTENARY FUND’ to the tune of Rs.1.50 Crores. Government Support: The State and the Central Governments are being approached through their Ministries of Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism to extend their financial and logistic support to make the event successful. Efforts are also being made to mobilize several funding agencies from India and abroad for their involvement in the event through sponsorship. Further guidance will be sought in fund raising from our partners.

Suggested Structure:

The programme of the Congress will consist of items like: Scientific session paper and poster presentation symposia Key-note addresses, guest lectures, outdoor displays of traditional sports, stage shows, etc. All these items will be spread over for the duration of the Congress. Pre and post Congress short courses and visits to historical sites and traditional schools will also be arranged.

Media involvement :

Electronic and print media will be fully involved for the wide coverage of the event.

Organizing Committee :

The local organizing committee will make preliminary preparation under the guidance of Advisory Committee which will have representatives of the partner organizations. Periodical meetings of these committees will be called to plan and execute phase wise preparation of the Congress.

Office Management :

Main office of the Congress is located at the campus of the institute (i.e.H.V.P.MANDAL) at Amravati in the State of Maharashtra. Chief Correspondent of the Congress and the Convener whose addresses are given below will be responsible office bearers of the Congress:

Chief Correspondent


Hon.General Secretary
AMRAVATI- 444605
Maharashtra- INDIA
EMail- generalsecretary@hvpm.org
Fax 91721-2572757
Maharashtra - INDIA
EMail - sh_deshpande@hvpm.org